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Activ24 4G security camera solar dual lens

Activ24 4G security camera solar dual lens

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View security footage in a place where there is no internet AND no power available? Then this professional solar camera with dual lens on the 3G 4G telephone network is the solution. Images are stored using the supplied SD card and after inserting a SIM card with a data bundle or subscription, you can use an app on the telephone connection can be made and the images can be viewed live remotely or the recorded images can be downloaded.

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  • No wired internet or WiFi required
  • No power connection required
  • Works anywhere there is a 3G or 4G signal
  • Dual lens, 1 fixed and 1 remotely rotatable
  • Remotely control the camera left-right-up-down
  • Complete with 64GB SD card
  • Alarm function via a push message on the phone upon motion detection
  • High resolution camera, so a sharp image
  • Possibility to place the solar panel separately from the camera
  • Day and night function with white or infrared LEDs


This is the ideal security camera. This can be placed anywhere. Normally, the stored power from the solar panel is sufficient to operate the camera continuously. If the weather is unfavorable for a long time, the battery placed in the camera can be fully charged with a USB cable if necessary. Using an app, which is available for both IOS and ANDROID, the camera can be controlled remotely and the images can be viewed remotely, live or by downloading the recorded footage. All kinds of things can be set via this app, such as when the camera will or will not record, whether or not the camera will notify the phone in case of movement and the quality of the recordings. With the app you can rotate 1 of the 2 lenses of the camera left and right and also up and down. The 2nd lens is in fixed position. We will provide you with a 64Gb SD card, but you will have to purchase a SIM card yourself. Which SIM card you want to use depends greatly on the amount of data you think you will use. If you check every now and then you will of course need much less data than if you really want to be able to check often or perhaps even continuously. The 64Gb SD card is more than sufficient for several weeks of continuous recording, so data consumption via the SIM card is also not too bad.



A fifteen-minute clip is approximately 35 MB of data and this is stored on the SD card. Only when it is viewed or downloaded via the 4G connection does it cost data from the data bundle or the prepaid credit of the 4G SIM card. By viewing the recordings by inserting the SD card from the camera into a laptop, for example, this does not use any data from the SIM card at all.


  • 3G 4G Pan and Tilt solar dual lens camera
  • Solar panel 
  • 64GB SD card
  • Manual
  • Fastening material

Attention !! This camera cannot be used indoors but requires sunlight to function. There is no 220v adapter included, the power supply is the solar panel. It is possible to place the camera indoors and place the solar panel outdoors with the extra bracket and extension cable supplied.

Tip: The sensitivity to movement and the activation of the alarm function can be adjusted via the app. Don't set it too high. A little experimentation with this is recommended.

If you want to be able to keep an eye on your belongings remotely, even if there is no internet connection or power connection, then there is no better choice than this 3G 4G camera. Order it now!!!!


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