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Activ24 by WAWeb

Activ24 DUAL band wifi camera 220v

Activ24 DUAL band wifi camera 220v

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Een beveiligingscamera nodig die werkt op elk wifi netwerk, zowel 2,4ghz als 5ghz? Dan is deze professionele camera met dual band technolgy de enige juiste keuze. Door middel van de bijgeleverde SD kaart worden beelden opgeslagen en na het verbinden met het wifi netwerk kan er via een app op de telefoon verbinding worden gemaakt en op afstand de beelden live worden bekeken of de opgenomen beelden worden gedownload.

Toch niet helemaal tevreden? Retourneer deze dual band wifi camera binnen 30 dagen en ontvang het aankoopbedrag gewoon weer op je rekening. Probeer ‘m rustig uit.


  • Nice compact model
  • Works on any 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi network
  • Remotely control the camera left-right-up-down
  • Complete with 32GB SD card
  • Alarm function via a push message on the phone upon motion detection
  • High resolution camera, so a sharp image
  • Day and night function with white or infrared LEDs



This is the ideal security camera. This can be connected to any WiFi network with 2.4GHz or 5GHz, so no frustrations about not being able to connect to the WiFi network because the camera is not compatible. Using an app, which is available for both IOS and ANDROID, the camera can be controlled remotely and the images can be viewed remotely, live or by downloading the recorded footage. All kinds of things can be set via this app, such as when the camera will or will not record, whether or not the camera will notify the phone in case of movement and the quality of the recordings. The app allows you to rotate the camera left and right as well as up and down. We will provide you with a 32Gb SD card. The 32Gb SD card is more than sufficient for several weeks of continuous recording and if the SD card is completely full, the camera will overwrite the oldest recordings, so the camera continues to record. A fifteen minute clip is approximately 35MB of data.


  • Dual band WiFi Pan and Tilt camera
  • Power adapter
  • 32Gb SD card (already in the camera)
  • Manual
  • Fastening material

Tip : The sensitivity to movement and activation of the alarm function can be adjusted via the app. Don't set it too high. A little experimentation with this is recommended.

100% satisfaction guarantee :We fully stand behind the quality of our products and offer you a guarantee of 12 months. If your product breaks within this period, we will provide repairs or a replacement free of charge. Our service is excellent and no-nonsense. It is not without reason that we score a big 9 with our customers.

If you want to be able to keep an eye on your belongings remotely, even if you don't know which WiFi network you have, there is no better choice than this dual band WiFi camera.Order it now !!!!


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