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Activ24 Set of 2x TYT TC-666E

Activ24 Set of 2x TYT TC-666E

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Looking for a portable, professional radio set for your team? Discover the TYT TC-666E radio set from ACTIV24. With permit-free, released PMR frequencies and a set of 2 walkie-talkies, you can get started right away. And if that's not enough, you receive a handy ACTIV24 multi-tool with every walkie-talkie. Quality and convenience in one!

Quality product for professionals
The TYT TC-666E radio set from ACTIV24 is a high-quality product specially designed for professionals. With this portable radio you are assured of reliable communication in any working environment.

License-free and released PMR frequencies
The TC-666E radio set is completely license-free and works on released PMR frequencies. This means that you can immediately start using this professional walkie-talkie without any hassle or extra costs.

Set of 2 with handy ACTIV24 multi-tool
The TYT TC-666E radio set is supplied as a set of 2, so you can immediately collaborate with a colleague. In addition, you will receive a handy ACTIV24 multi-tool with every walkie-talkie, with which you can carry out all kinds of small repairs and adjustments during your work.


Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I use this radio set without a permit?
Yes, the TYT TC-666E radio set is license-free, so you can use it immediately without any license.

Which frequencies can I use with these radios?
The ACTIV24 radio set uses the released PMR frequencies, so you always have a reliable connection.

How many radios are in this set?
This walkie-talkie set contains a set of 2 walkie-talkies, so you can communicate directly with a colleague or partner.

What do I receive in addition to the walkie-talkies?
With every walkie-talkie you will receive a battery, a home charger and a belt clip. In addition, each walkie-talkie comes with a handy ACTIV24 multi-tool, with which you can solve all kinds of small jobs.

Are these walkie-talkies suitable for professionals?
Absolute! The TYT TC-666E radio set is specially designed for professionals and offers reliable communication in various situations.


TIP: The so-called K-type headset fits these walkie-talkies. K-type stands for Model Kenwood. The connections are identical to those of Kenwood walkie-talkies.

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