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Activ24 set of 8x baofeng BF1904

Activ24 set of 8x baofeng BF1904

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Surprisingly powerful and professional activ24 ​​/ Baofeng radio set, ready for crystal clear communication on the released PMR frequencies. Set of 8 radios with charging station plus an Activ24™ radio case for each radio and a professional headset. Solid, powerful and all-round use.

Advantages :

These radios are really very powerful
These radios are programmed on the released PMR frequencies
The BF1904 radios are the professional replacement for the well-known BF888S radios
Ready to use
Complete with chargers, belt clips & luxury headsets
Also compatible with Kenwood PMR frequencies
Solid professional design
Very simple operation
With Activ24 LED radio covers


With this set of 4 walkie talkies you are ready to send and receive wirelessly in one go. Each radio has 16 channels, of which channels 1 to 8 are programmed on the normal released PMR frequencies and channels 9 to 16 are programmed with the specific released Kenwood PMR frequencies. Each walkie-talkie comes with an Activ24 ​​walkie-talkie case and a luxury headset!!

Note:the range of walkie-talkies is highly dependent on environmental factors. Outdoors in the open field, much greater distances can be bridged than indoors with concrete walls or steel structures. These BF-1904 are much more powerful than the average PMR radio such as the BF-888S and the BF-88E. As a result, the quality of the signal and the sound quality are much better. These are walkie-talkies for professionals.

Package contents:

8 walkie-talkies
8 batteries
8 belt clips
8 choirs
8 luxury headsets
8 table chargers
8 manual
8 Activ24 radio cases

There are many different types of headset or external speaker microphones available that fit these walkie-talkies. Choose K-type connection. A luxury headset with in-ear tube is also included.

Immediately the access to extra powerful and professional wireless communication? Order this set now and get Activ24™
walkie-talkie coversat !



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